REBARN’S Hairpin Leg Booties!

Made in our own studio, our Hairpin Booties are the newest splash on the REBARN list of cool products!  Hairpin legs are great looking, and they are really easy to incorporate on a wide assortment of tables like dining tables…console tables…coffee tables and end tables.  BUT…if you have hardwood floors…steel hairpin legs can be an issue.  Seel legs on a wooden floor can cause damge.

Our BOOTIES are the answer to that problem!  We make beautiful leather booties to protect your floors and take your hairpin legs to a whole new level!  Our Booties are hand made using premium leather and are available in a variety of colors.

For more information on REBARN’S Hairpin Legs and our Booties, call REBARN @ 647-968-4004!