Barn Beam Mantels

Are you updating the look of an old fireplace, or adding a finishing touch to a new one? Nothing will add as much warmth and character to your fireplace as a rustic wooden mantel!  And regardless of your decor, there is a mantel that will fit right in with your personal taste.

Our mantels are made from reclaimed barn beams and timbers salvaged throughout Ontario.  Century old and then some…our timbers have the natural character and patina that can only come with the passage of time. Original hand tooling, scars and rugged form are captured and preserved for display in each original piece.  No two mantels are the same.

We have several options for you when choosing a mantel for your home or work space. We offer traditional barn beam mantels as well as slab-style mantels. We can custom cut any size slab mantel you require. If you want a thick rustic shelf-style, mantel we can custom fabricate one just for you. If you choose a sleek, contemporary mantel…we can cut that for you as well. Whatever your need may be…we can help you fulfil them.

Our mantels are finished to a furniture grade quality finish by hand to ensure optimum good looks and protection.  We have a wide selection of stain colors or can custom blend for just the right color for your décor.