Live Edge Slabs Via REBARN!

Live edge slabs are all the rage right now, and REBARN is a great source if you are looking for live edge slabs!

REBARN has a vast selection of live edge slabs available at all times.  We regularly carry the most popular wood species in live edge including: black walnut, black cherry, sugar maple, silver maple, spalted maple, oak, ash, pine, locust and hickory.  Other species are available as well.

REBARN sells rough cut live edge slabs, surfaced (or flattened) live edge slabs and finished live edge slabs.  We also specialize in building live edge slab tables, counter tops, island tops, mantels and vanity tops.  Anyhing you cn think of to do with a slab, we can handle for you.

For more information about our live edge slabs, call REBARN @ 647-968-4004!

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