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Toronto Live Edge Slabs!

REBARN is Toronto’s best source for live edge slabs.  We stock maple, ash, oak, walnut, cherry, locust, pine on a regular basis and other species as supply permits.  All of our slabs are kiln dried and ready to go!

For more info give us a call at 647-968-4004!

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Live Edge Slabs: WALNUT!

Walnut is perhaps the most beautiful wood cut in the live edge slab style.  This is because of the dark, rich color and the beautiful figure in the wood.

REBARN has plenty of walnut available.  We have all sizes of walnut slabs from coffee table size right up to single 12 foot long x 40 inch wide pieces.

For all of your live edge needs, give REBARN a call @ 647-968-4004.

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Rebarn is Toronto’s best source for LIVE EDGE SLABS.  If you are looking for live edge for a personal or commercial project, we can custom cut whatever you need.  We have a huge selection of cut and kiln dried slabs that are ready to go.  AND…our sawmills are always ready for custom cutting.

REBARN has all domestic species of live edge slabs ready to go in our yard and in our warehouse.  All you have to do is come see us and we will help you find the right piece for your project.

Our on site workshop is always ready to custom build your piece for you.  Whether a table, a bar top or a kitchen island…we have you covered.

For more info, call REBARN at 647-968-4004.

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