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Rebarn Specializes in Custom Interior Barn Doors Right In Toronto!!

At Rebarn, we take a lot of pride in our barn doors.  We custom build each barn door according to each client’s specific needs and taste.  Location, size, style, materials and finish are all important factors when planning for a barn door build.  We have a lot of options for you.

Rebarn has an extensive supply of reclaimed antique lumber that we use to build our doors, but we also use new lumber.  Our finishes are applied to either antique or new lumber to enhance the beauty of the wood…and to protect your door.  We specialize in custom finishing and have several fine finishes and artistic faux finishes available to make your door look its best and reflect your taste.

Of course, a big part of the complete barn door look is the sliding barn door hardware.  At Rebarn we have our own line of barn door hardware.  Precision cut with lasers, precision machined and using the best bearings, we offer hardware that is engineered for top quality performance and durability.  Available in several styles and finishes, you are sure to fins a style that will look perfect with your door.

If you want more information on our barn doors and hardware, please contact us at 647-968-4004.

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Cherry Live Edge Floating Vanity!

We were recently asked to fabricate a floating vanity top for a bathroom in Toronto.  The client came to our warehouse and picked out a piece od cherry from our live edge slab supply.  We went to work on the wood and had the steel welded up.

The cherry finished up beautifully.  This piece has about 8 colors in it:  salmon, rust, orange, gold, yellow, brown grey and black.  It’s a beautiful piece of wood.

We cut channels in the bottom of the slab so that the mounts would be hidden.

I think the end product – the slab with the sink – look great together.  But it’s too bad so much of the wood is hidden.  Still…a great look!

For more info on our live edge slabs and custom work, call REBARN @ 647-968-4004!


Hand Cutting A Butterfly For Custom Coffee Table!

Here we have a slab of maple I am working on for a client who wanted a “funky” live edge coffee table.  She wanted something irregular in shape…lots of unusual grain…and plenty of character.  She chose this slab of maple which fits the bill perfectly.

This slab will be raised on stainless steel hairpin legs which will present the slab with little competition for attention. 

At this stage of the game I am cutting in a butterfly key to add strength to the large crack in the table top.  I decided to do this all by hand with chisels rather than using a router to take out the bulk of the wood. 

The key is glued into place here and the table has one coat of urethane.  I will finish off the table top and add the legs.

Keep your eyes peeled for the finished piece.

For info on our custom slab tables, call REBARN.CA @ 647-968-4004.


Russet Notched Hemlock Barn Beam Mantel!

Here is a russet colored mantel we custom made for a customer not too long ago.  We notched the ends of this mantel to allow it to sit inside of a build in recess in the wall above the fireplace.  This is a 7 foot long mantel with red oak stain. 

The home owner ran stone wall to wall in the family room.  The rust in the stone works perfectly with the color of the fireplace mantel.

For more information on our reclaimed barn beam fireplace mantels, call REBARN.CA @ 647-968-4004.