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REBARN’S Carriage House Doors!

This set of Carriage House Doors looks asolutely fantastic in this Mississauga dining room.  Paired with our Premium 3″ Rollover Barn Door Hardware…this set of doors takes center stage!


IMG_1485 (2)

Byparting Barn Doors By REBARN!

This set of byparting barn doors will take center stage of this room once the construction is finished.  We have a set of Z Braced doors with our 6″ Carriage House Hardware. They look great in this livingroom!


IMG_1485 (2) IMG_1490 (2)

IMG_1423 (2)

Our Latest Addition In Barn Door Hardware: THE DRAGONFLY!

Sure to create a BUZZ with the ladies…THE DRAGONFLY is a pretty, dainty alternative to our regular Barn Door Hardware line-up! It’s a very nice alternative to the straight lines normally associated with Barn Door Hardware to be sure!

IMG_1423 (2)




Big Beautiful Barn Door By REBARN!

REBARN specializes in building interior barn doors and hardware.  Our doors and hardware are all custom built to order by REBARN.

This beautiful Tri-colored Double Z braced barn door looks fantastic with our 6″ Carriage House barn door hardware.IMG_0692IMG_0693(1)IMG_0695




IMG_0417 (2)

REBARN’S Full Bypass Barn Door Hardware!

REBARN is the most innovative maker of barn door hardware in Toronto.  We also produce the best quality hardware with the best finishes.  So it’s no surprise that our FULL BYPASS barn door hardware is sold throughout Canada and the United States.  Our FULL BYPASS hardware looks amazing…works amazingly well and is rock solid!

IMG_0417 (2) IMG_0420 (2) IMG_0425 IMG_0428 (2)