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This big white Full X braced barn door looks fantastic with our premium stainless steel barn door hardware.  Built and installed by Rebarn!

For more information about our custom barn doors and custom hardware, call REBARN 647-968-4004!



REBARN Ships Across Canada!

If you are looking for the absolute best in a custom built barn door and in custom built barn door hardware, you don’t have to look any further than REBARN!  We focus on quality here at Rebarn.  And the good news is that we ship from coast to coast!

Give us a call at REBARN and ask about shipping options.  Call us at 647-968-4004!


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REBARN’S Premium Barn Door Hardware!

REBARN’S Barn Door Hardware is – hands down – the finest quality barn door hardware you will find.  Our Premium 3″ Barn Door Hardware is designed not only for high performance and outstanding good looks…but it is SILENT as well!  Our nylon core in our steel wheel keeps your door running smoothly and quietly.  And…silence is golden!

At REBARN we don’t just pay lip service to our quality.  We stand behind our hardware with a FULL GUARANTEE!  So, you can by with complete confidence and assurance.

Have a look at our Premium 3″ Barn Door Hardware!

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Our Latest Addition In Barn Door Hardware: THE DRAGONFLY!

Sure to create a BUZZ with the ladies…THE DRAGONFLY is a pretty, dainty alternative to our regular Barn Door Hardware line-up! It’s a very nice alternative to the straight lines normally associated with Barn Door Hardware to be sure!

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REBARN Barn Door Handles!

We make and sell a variety of handles to go along with our barn door hardware…and of course or doors.  REBARN makes the finest quality barn door hardware that is as tough as it is good looking.  Our handles compliment our hardware!

REBARN!  Taking it all the way!

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