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Toronto Hairpin Legs!

Need hairpin legs?  REBARN is Toronto’s local hairpin leg source!  We carry all sizes of hairpin legs and they are always ready to go.  We also make custom orders in just a few days.  So, any way you cut it…we have you covered!

Give REBARN a call for your hairpin leg needs at 647-968-4004!

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Hairpin Legs TORONTO!

Hey Toronto DIYers…if you have a project and you need hairpin legs…look no further!  Rebarn offers hairpins right here in Toronto and we have a great assortment of pins ready to go.  All you have to do is pop in to see us at our warehouse location and you are all set!

For more information on Rebarn’s Hairpin Legs, give us a call at 647-968-4004.

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TORONTO Custom Hairpin Legs!

Hey!  REBARN always has hairpin legs in stock in our Toronto showroom.  We stock the most popular sizes our customers want on a regular basis.  BUT…we make ANY SIZE hairpins you need as well.  In just a few days…your custom sized hairpins will be ready for you to pick up at our showroom.


For more information abour our hairpins…give us a call at 647-968-4004!


TORONTO Hairpin Legs!

REBARN has you covered for hairpin legs. And…our hand made leather Hairpin Leg BOOTIES will kick things up a notch while protecting your floors!

Drop in to see us for your hairpin legs and Hairpin Leg BOOTIES!

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REBARN’S Handmade Hairpin Leg Booties!

REBARN’S HairpinLeg BOOTIES are the perfect accessory to add to your hairpin legs that will take them from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!  Not only do our BOOTIES protect your floor from being scratched, but they help balance out the visual weight of a heavy table top on thin hairpins.

For more info call REBARN @ 647-968-4004!IMG_1588 (2)