Live Edge Slabs Via REBARN!

Live edge slabs are all the rage right now, and REBARN is a great source if you are looking for live edge slabs!

REBARN has a vast selection of live edge slabs available at all times.  We regularly carry the most popular wood species in live edge including: black walnut, black cherry, sugar maple, silver maple, spalted maple, oak, ash, pine, locust and hickory.  Other species are available as well.

REBARN sells rough cut live edge slabs, surfaced (or flattened) live edge slabs and finished live edge slabs.  We also specialize in building live edge slab tables, counter tops, island tops, mantels and vanity tops.  Anyhing you cn think of to do with a slab, we can handle for you.

For more information about our live edge slabs, call REBARN @ 647-968-4004!

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REBARN – Toronto’s Best Source For Reclaimed Lumber!

Whether you are looking for grey barn board, brown barn board, heavy threshing boards or resawn lumber, REBARN is your best choice for reclaimed lumber.  We stock large quantities of barn board, barn beams, live edge slabs and have an on site sawmill for resawn lumber.

If you are looking for large quantities or small…we have what you need.  And we also offer custom milling, flattening and jointing in our on site shop.  Custom finishing and installation are also part of what we do here at REBARN!

For more information please call REBARN @ 647-968-4004.

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Table Tops And Benches From Reclaimed Barn Beams!

These table tops, bar tops and benches were made for Sparrow Restaurant in Toronto Bloor WestVillage.  We ripped some 12×12 barn beams into skins and planks for the project.


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Cherry Live Edge Floating Vanity!

We were recently asked to fabricate a floating vanity top for a bathroom in Toronto.  The client came to our warehouse and picked out a piece od cherry from our live edge slab supply.  We went to work on the wood and had the steel welded up.

The cherry finished up beautifully.  This piece has about 8 colors in it:  salmon, rust, orange, gold, yellow, brown grey and black.  It’s a beautiful piece of wood.

We cut channels in the bottom of the slab so that the mounts would be hidden.

I think the end product – the slab with the sink – look great together.  But it’s too bad so much of the wood is hidden.  Still…a great look!

For more info on our live edge slabs and custom work, call REBARN @ 647-968-4004!


Hand Cutting A Butterfly For Custom Coffee Table!

Here we have a slab of maple I am working on for a client who wanted a “funky” live edge coffee table.  She wanted something irregular in shape…lots of unusual grain…and plenty of character.  She chose this slab of maple which fits the bill perfectly.

This slab will be raised on stainless steel hairpin legs which will present the slab with little competition for attention. 

At this stage of the game I am cutting in a butterfly key to add strength to the large crack in the table top.  I decided to do this all by hand with chisels rather than using a router to take out the bulk of the wood. 

The key is glued into place here and the table has one coat of urethane.  I will finish off the table top and add the legs.

Keep your eyes peeled for the finished piece.

For info on our custom slab tables, call REBARN.CA @ 647-968-4004.


Custom Reclaimed Barn Board Sign!

Not long ago, we were asked to build a sign by Public Inc., a Toronto based charity fundraising company.  This sign hangs in the Toronto office as an inspiration to all who enter ther office and are greeted by the words, “Why Shouldn’t Everyone profit By Doing Good?”

We decided to use mixed colors of barn wood in its natural state.  Nothing was stained.  The dimensions of the sign is 8′ x 9′ and was built in three panels which were assembled on site during installation.

The tin letters were supplied by another Toronto based company and were laid out and installed by Rebarn,

Here are pictures of the build from start to finish.

For more information, call at 647-968-4004.